Vodavi Accessories


Paging Systems

The primary function of a paging system ist communicate with associates in some type of large working area such as a warehouse or a shop.

Music On Hold

Highlite your special products with an on hold message. The main functions of a on hold system is to let callers know you they have not lost connection and they need to call back.

Phone Repair Tools

Door Phones

In large facilities that require the security of a locked door a door phone striker system is really helpful. Comp[atible with any phone system or phone with an available CO / Trunk port.

Surveilance Cameras

These days tha ability to record what is happening at your business is crucuial. Create a choke point and record everything every day 365 days a year with a quality HP security camera system.

Voice Over IP

The two mainfunctions of VoIP is: #1 cost saving SIP trunks that provide phone service over an existing internet connection, #2 is to have a phone connected to your system over the internat at a home or a second business location.

Lightning and Storm Protection

Many phone systems are damaged each year by bad electrical storms and electrical surges.

Conference Phones

We receive lots of complaint each year about call quality in the conference room, a conference phone will provide tremendous call quality.

Phone Reporting

Call recording and call logging is a factor in most any successful business to listen to what is happening on your phone system, especialy in a sales environment.

Vodavi Headsets

For the associate that is always on the phone a headset is very helpful as you have your hands free and available to type or use the computer.