New Vodavi Phone Systems

At this point in time Vodavi has been purchased or aquired by Vertical Communications. Al new phone systems are manufactured and the features are configured by Vertical. It is our experience and opinion that the newer Vertical systems are almost identical to the older Vodavi systems.

VoIP both of the new Vertical Phone Systems are IP compatible. This means you can ocnnect cost saving SIP trunks directly to the system and start saving on your phone bill right away. You can also connect a IP phon directly to the phone system over a computer network or over an existing internet connection at distant locations such as a home office or a se3cond business location.

Both system can be configured with a cordless phones for the associate always on the move. We have the lates cordless phone technology known as the Drct 6.0 anbd a IP cordless phone that can connect to a wireless network.

Vertical SBX IP

Vertical SBX IP

The SBX is an affordable system that starts out at 3 lines in x 8 bybrid port that will accept Vodavi phones, the 2 compatible SBX phones and analog single line type phones. As this can expand to be a maximum of 48 phones.

Vertical Summit IP/ Mobile

Vertical Summit IP/Mobile 

Now better then ever and Mobile Phone compatible!

The Summit is a more advanced phone system for a business with the needs of advanced applications. Starting out at 4 lnes in x 8 digital phones the Summit is the perfect choise for most any business with the needs to expand.